We are a team of specialists operating in Poznan and in the Wielkopolska region, providing professional:

  • accounting services,
  • Human Resources and Payroll services,
  • OSH services.

We support the activity of our Clients, using our experts’ knowledge and years of experience. We help to complete the registration process of operators, choose the form of taxation, and develop a chart of accounts in order to use the obtained data in the most effective way for the company’s development. We offer an individual approach to every operator, based on the analysis of its situation and its needs for the management accounting.

We also offer a full scope of OSH services, i.e. OSH trainings, developing OSH and fire regulations documentation, as well as an audit and current control on the matter.

We provide accounting services for small and medium-sized enterprises, wherever the financial outsourcing is safe and is the most optimal solution.

In the range of Human Resources and Payroll services we cooperate both with single-entity businesses and a large, few-thousands-employee organizations. We provide our services also at our Client’s seat. Tax counseling as well as legal counseling, which we provide in cooperation with our partners, complement our services.

Independent specialists have all the authorities needed and determined by law, and our activity is protected by the civil liability insurance.

We guarantee openness, honesty and professionalism. We invite you to review the details of our services offer.